Flooring Radiant Panel




The ISO 9239 Radiant Flooring Panel test is the cornerstone of the flooring materials reaction to fire tests in the Euroclass system. The test measures the spread of flame of the sample, under thermal exposure, using a radiant heat ignition source. The thermal exposure is that of a fire growing in the room of origin that through a door opening, radiates onto the floorings in an adjacent room or corridor. The apparatus can also be used for tests to standards ASTM E648 and DIN 4102; Part 14.


  • The resulting test chamber is insulated with calcium silicate insulation board and is provided with a temperature resistant observation window.

  • The stainless steel sample support assembly is mounted on a sliding platform to allow safe and easy loading of the test sample.

  • The radiant heat is applied by means of a gas-fuelled panel, inclined at 30o, and directed at a horizontally mounted floor covering system specimen.

  • The radiant panel generates a radiant energy flux distribution ranging from a nominal maximum of 10.9 kW/m2 to a minimum of 1.1 kW/m2.

  • Dummy calibration specimen with holder, calibrated heat flux meter and mounting.

  • The distance burned until flame-out is reached and converted, by calibration, into an equivalent critical radiant flux, in kW/m2.

  • Heat Flux Meter: Range : 0 ~ 50 kw/m2; Surface emissivity :ε=0.95± 0.05

  • A smoke measuring system, according to DIN 50055, is mounted on a separate frame at the exhaust stack.

  • Control Rack for convenience in use, allowing observation of the apparatus and controls during equipment set-up and calibration.

  • Automatic ignition of the radiant panel and safety cut-out.

  • Automatic moving T type ignition burner

  • Stainless steel hood with smoke measurement ports.



ISO:ISO 9239-1


1900mm (W) x 750mm x (H) x 2120mm (D)




  •  Electrical: 230 volts Nominal 10 Amps

  • Ambient Temperature: Operating 10°C to 35°C

  • Dimensions: Apparatus: 1900mm (W) x 750mm x (H) x 2120mm (D)

  • Gas Supplies: Propane and air compressor